Proper Magnetic Lash Care

Unlike lash extensions, magnetic eyelashes are incredibly easy to clean. To clean your magnetic lashes, you will need several cotton pads, cotton swabs, and your favorite makeup remover.

Moisten two cotton pads with makeup remover and gently peel the lashes from your lids. Lay the magnetic lashes on the cotton pads. Be sure that the cotton pads are saturated with enough makeup remover to “melt” all the eye products that are stuck in the magnetic lashes. 

Using your cotton swab, gently rub the magnetic lashes to remove the leftover eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. Once the lashes are clean, give them a final sweep. Moisten another 2 cotton pads (or just use tissues) with makeup remover then lay the cleaned lashes. Give the lashes a gentle rub with your fingers and then put the lashes back on its case to dry. 

Optional: You can use rubbing alcohol to give the cleaned magnetic eyelashes a final sweep instead of regular makeup remover. The alcohol could remove the makeup residues while also disinfecting the magnetic lashes. But don’t saturate the lashes in alcohol for more than 5 minutes or the lashes could end up being damaged.