Why Switch to Magnetic Lashes?

Why Switch to Magnetic Lashes?

We’re convinced that magnetic lashes are some of the best innovations in the beauty industry and we’ll tell you why!


Impressive Staying Power

Conventional falsies are worn using lash glue, which turns into a gunky, crusty mess by mid-afternoon. That’s not the case with magnetic lashes. Since the lashes are held by micro-magnets, the lashes stay put without the mess! Simply peel the lashes off to remove and you’re done.


No Allergies

Did you know that lash glue is one of the most toxic beauty products on the market? The glue is teeming with chemicals that you don’t want near your skin or eyes! Wearing magnetic lashes is perfect for those with sensitive skin and sensitive eyes. The magnetic liner and lashes themselves are 100% safe to use every day.  The lashes won’t trigger any sensitivities at all. 


The Look of Lash Extension

The problem with wearing fake lashes is that, well, they look fake. Lash extensions may look like the real thing but the process requires professional help. Magnetic lashes are natural-looking, perfect for sporting a fresh face!