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Diamond Magnetic Eyelashes Kit | Magnetic Eyelashes | Eye Click Lashes


The perfect pair of magnetic eyelashes to complete an intense, bold look! The Diamond magnetic eyelashes are lush, long, and dense enough to add a dramatic definition to your natural lashes.  Just pop these magnetic falsies on the lids and you're ready to party!

Wearing the Diamond false eyelashes is fast and easy. Pair these with our magnetic eyeliner to elevate your everyday look. The lashes will stay put through tears and sweat- we promise!


  • Made with 100% faux-mink
  • Cruelty-free, eco-friendly and durable design
  • Adds soft length and volume to the natural lashes
  • Stays put all day when used with magnetic eyeliner
  • Gentle for lashes with no pulling needed to remove

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