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Doha Magnetic Eyelashes Kit | Magnetic Eyelashes | Eye Click Lashes


Open up those peepers with a bold pair of magnetic eyelashes! The Doha magnetic lashes are crafted from 100% faux-mink. The length of the lashes varies from the corner to the ends. The shortest is 6 mm and the ends are about 13 mm long- the perfect length to open up your eyes.

These showstopping eyelashes go well with a full-glam look, but are also versatile enough to be worn on their own. Since the Doha comes with its own compact, you can take it with you anywhere and wear it any time


  • Made with 100% faux-mink
  • Cruelty-free, eco-friendly and durable design
  • Adds soft length and volume to the natural lashes
  • Stays put all day when used with magnetic eyeliner
  • Gentle for lashes with no pulling needed to remove

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