How To Apply

Cut the Lashes to Size

Falsies tend to be longer than the length of the human eye so cut off the excess to get the perfect fit. You can cut a small portion of the magnetic lashes at the corner or cut the lashes into several pieces so you have better control over where to add thickness and length. 

Let the Eyeliner Dry Completely

Our magnetic lashes come with a small bottle of magnetic eyeliner. This is the secret to the staying power of our magnetic lashes. Ideally, you want to apply at least two layers of magnetic eyeliner on the lids. Let the eyeliner dry before attaching the magnetic lashes. 

Maximize the Lash Applicator

Most people are okay with attaching the magnetic lashes using their hands but a lash applicator makes the job so much easier for you. The lash applicator is designed specifically to hold the magnetic lashes firmly so you can control where to lay the lashes on the lids. Also, the lash applicator holds the faux lashes without damaging them. You can get a lash applicator separately or if you’re getting the faux lashes from us, the applicator is included in our lash kit.

Apply Mascara First

Some people apply several coats of mascara when wearing regular falsies. For magnetic lashes, it’s much better to apply the mascara on your natural lashes first before wearing the magnetic lashes. This trick extends the life of the magnetic lashes + you get the color and texture you want to make the lashes look natural.

Oily Lids? Use a Primer

For oily lids, applying a thin layer of primer helps strengthen the hold of the magnetic liner. This way, the magnetic lashes will stay on the lids longer.








Do not wear magnetic lashes for the first time before an important event. You have to practice to get the perfect fit. Thankfully, magnetic lashes are easy to use although newbies might need a few tries to get it right.