Falsies open up the eyes and give that extra oomph to your makeup look. But wearing these for the first time can be downright intimidating for some. Trying out new things is fun and it’s normal to feel slightly intimidated about wearing falsies. But with the right pair of eyelashes, you can draw more attention to the eyes. If you’re new to wearing falsies, here are some tips: 

Choose Light or Medium-Volume Lashes

It’s tempting to try the high-volume or full-glam falsies but save these for a night out. Light to medium volume lashes are the way to go if you’re new to wearing falsies or if you’re rocking the fresh, natural look. These styles are the most natural-looking so they are perfect for everyday makeup. Also, since the lashes are not as dense, they are quite comfortable to wear too. 

Because falsies look different in the box and when worn, choose a style that’s closest to your natural lashes in volume. 


Choose a Natural-Looking Style and Texture

Full-glam eyelashes are hard to pull off if you are wearing falsies for the first time or if you’re wearing light, everyday makeup. The texture of dramatic falsies tends to stick straight out as opposed to mimicking the natural shape of the eyelashes. We suggest a natural-looking style and texture, like a pair of light, multilayered falsies. This design typically features a criss-cross pattern that looks absolutely natural without sacrificing volume and definition. 



Go for Natural Shapes

It's tempting to choose the longest lashes you can buy but too much flare could look unnatural when paired with a bare face or minimal makeup. When choosing the perfect falsies, always consider the shape of your eyes. If you have almond-shaped eyes, for example, opt for light to medium volume lashes with flared ends. This design resembles your natural lash shape. If your eyes are deep-set, on the other hand, we suggest picking a pair of falsies that are thickest and longest in the middle. This design pumps up the definition and volume without going overboard. 



Use the Right Tools

Having the right tools is important if you want to perfect the lash application. An inky black eyeliner is great for concealing minor mistakes if you're applying the lashes for the first time. A lash applicator is also useful when laying the edge of the falsies on the lids! You could buy any of these tools separately but these are included in our magnetic eyelashes kit. 

And there you have it, our top tips for newbies who are wearing false eyelashes for the first time. It's worth remembering to experiment with different styles to see which ones look or feel most comfortable to you. Don’t be afraid to take lots of selfies or ask friends for advice to find the right pair of falsies that suit your personal style.