What is Eye Click Lashes?

At Eye Click Lashes, our goal is to provide you with premium quality beauty products, including magnetic eyelashes. We believe that our bestselling magnetic lashes are the future of the modern beauty industry. These eyelashes are not only cruelty-free and eco-friendly, they are also durable, easy to use, and easy to clean. Thanks to the power of magnetism, our magnetic eyelashes only come off when you want them to - no adhesives needed!

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Once you’ve tried our magnetic lashes, you’ll never go back to using lash glue ever again!


How do magnetic false lashes work?

Our magnetic eyelashes snap into place using micro-magnets. The micro-magnets are blended in our special eyeliner. Just line the eyes with our special eyeliner to get as close to the lash line as possible. Then, stick the magnetic eyelashes and they should snap into place. The power of magnetism ensures that the magnetic eyelashes will stay put and look freshly applied for hours. 


Can I use your magnetic fake lashes more than once? 

Absolutely! Each pair of magnetic eyelashes last up to 30-50 uses with proper care. The life of the magnetic eyelashes will depend on how often you wear them and how you take care of them. One thing is for sure, our magnetic eyelashes will last longer than traditional falsies applied with adhesives. 


Are magnetic lashes damaging to natural eyelashes? 


Not at all. The best thing about wearing magnetic eyelashes is that they’re less damaging to the natural lashes compared to traditional eyelashes worn with lash glue. Lash glue tends to stick to the lashes and cause damage from tugging and pulling. Eventually, the lashes break, and in many cases, they don’t grow back. 

Our magnetic eyelashes stick to the lids without using lash adhesives. You don’t have to tug the skin to remove the magnetic eyelashes at all. Also, our special magnetic liner is so easy to remove using warm water or your favourite makeup remover. 


Are magnetic false lashes heavy? 

If you’re new to wearing false eyelashes, you will feel a slight weight on the eyelids but this goes regardless if you’re wearing our magnetic eyelashes or regular falsies. If you wear falsies often, you won’t feel any difference at all. Our magnetic false eyelashes are similar in wear with traditional eyelashes. If you’re new to falsies, you’ll eventually get used to the slight weight and they’ll feel like your natural lashes. 


Can I use mascara together with the magnetic lashes?

Absolutely! You can use your favourite mascara when wearing our magnetic eyelashes. However, be sure to apply the mascara on your natural lashes, not the falsies themselves. Applying mascara to the magnetic eyelashes may ruin their shape or design.  


Will your false lashes fit my eye shape?

Our magnetic eyelashes come in different designs and each one will fit any eye shape. But to get the most wear out of our magnetic eyelashes, know your eye shape. Then, choose the lashes that remind you the most of your eye shape. 


How to remove the magnetic eyelashes?

Removing our magnetic eyelashes takes only a few seconds. Gently pull them off and the magnetic lashes will come right off - no tugging needed. Use micellar water or your favourite makeup remover to remove the magnetic eyeliner and that’s it. 


Can magnetic fake lashes completely replace lash extensions?

Although magnetic lashes give the appearance of lash extensions, these are two completely different products. It’s like comparing apples with oranges. Many beauties opt for lash extensions to save time in their beauty routines. Magnetic lashes may take a second to apply but gives the look of eyelash extension.

Wearing magnetic eyelashes are different because the products themselves do not, in any way, require professional help to apply. These are not damaging to the natural lashes at all. Lash extensions, on the other hand, are known to cause mild to severe skin irritation. In some cases, the natural lashes fall and do not grow back. 


The magnetic eyelashes are long, what should I do?

It’s normal for magnetic eyelashes to be slightly longer than the size of the eyes and there are several ways of adjusting the lashes to suit your eyes. You can cut the lashes by clusters or cut the lashes separately. To get the most natural look, we highly suggest cutting the falsies so they are slightly shorter than your eyes then adjusting to your eye length as usual.


Can I wear magnetic lashes all the time?

Yes and no. Unlike traditional falsies, our magnetic lashes are designed with comfort in mind. Nevertheless, you have to take your falsies off before going to sleep, swimming, or going to the doctor no matter how comfortable and lightweight the magnetic lashes are!


Are magnetic eyelashes safe for my eyes?

Absolutely!  Our magnetic eyeliners are 100% safe even for people with sensitive eyes. However, if you have eye problems or surgery, consult your doctor first before wearing any type of false eyelashes. 


It’s windy out there! Is there any chance that my magnetic lashes will fall off?

No! Our magnetic eyelashes are powered by magnetism. They only come off when you want them to. The micro-magnets from our liner formula are strong enough to withstand wind and water exposure yet gentle enough for everyday use. 


Are your magnetic fake lashes cruelty-free?

Our brand is built on compassion for the animals that’s why our products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan/vegetarian-friendly. We are opposed to animal testing of any kind. From our magnetic eyelashes to our makeup brushes, all our products are made with high-quality faux animal hair. 


Can I use magnetic lashes if I wear contact lenses?

Yes! Since you’re not using lash glue that irritates the lids or causes discomfort, you can wear our magnetic eyelashes with contact lenses. Our falsies only stick to the eyelids using our magnetic eyeliner so you can wear any kind of contact lenses with it.