When we think about eye makeup, most of us focus more on experimenting with flattering colors for the lids. But the secret to creating the perfect eye look is knowing your eye shape! Here’s the thing, your eye shape defines your whole face. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know their eye shape! 

Love wearing falsies? The kind of falsies that will suit your face will also depend on your eye shape. 





Almond eyes are the most desired of all eye shapes because of the symmetrical shape. This shape is characterized by having almost proportionate corners and a rounder middle. The outer corner is slightly tapered while the inner corner is pointed. Thanks to the symmetrical shape, any lash styles will look fabulous on almond eyes. The same thing can be said for the eye makeup, almond eyes will look good no matter what look you’re going for.


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Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes are the exact opposite of upturned eyes. The outer corners of the eyes point downwards. Because the outer corners of the eyes are heavier, the eyes look slightly droopy. This shape is perfect for a classic cat's eye, smoky eyes, or any type of eye look with heavy makeup application. As for falsies, opt for a pair of lashes that extend at the outer corners of the eyes. The extra volume and length will counter the droopiness, giving your eyes a lifted appearance.

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Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have a heavier lid. The extra skin in the crease makes the eyes appear much smaller than they are. To counter this, you have to make the eyes appear rounder. When applying makeup, you want to draw the focus upwards. Blend darker shadow over the crease, diffusing upwards the crease. To intensify your look, opt for lush lashes - full lashes with a thick base. This style will accentuate the eyes without disappearing from the eye fold. 

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Monolid Eyes


This eye shape is common among Asian women. The brow bone is less defined so the crease is smaller. The lids tend to be flat. To add depth and create the illusion of a deeper crease, apply a gradient of eye shadows that goes from dark to light. Apply the dark shadow close to the lash line then a neutral color in the middle. Finish up with a shiny or glowy color in the inner corners to make the eyes pop. For added lift, opt for flared, wispy lashes that spread from the inner eye downwards to play up your unique eye shape! For a dramatic look, use a pair of full lashes. 

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Round Eyes

This eye shape has a rounded center and slightly rounded corners too. The eyes appear child-like, even youthful, because of the open shape. Heavy eye looks like a smoky eye will look even more intense on round eyes. To keep the look balanced, you want to elongate the corners by experimenting with contrasting shades. Apply a darker shadow along the crease the blend from the outside to the middle of the eyes to make the round shape appear elongated. Finish up with a curly or wispy pair of falsies to complete your look!

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Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes have a naturally lifted outer corner. Because the outer corner is higher than the inner corner, the eyes appear narrower. To even out the proportion of the eyes, apply dark shadow along the outer lower corner of the lids. This will give the illusion of evenness by bringing down the lifted effect of the eyes. To balance out your eye shape's proportions, use a pair of falsies with full, even lashes. This style will give your peepers a gorgeous doe-eyed look.

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