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Unsightly blackheads and whiteheads will be a thing of the past with the ZNP blackheads remover! This blackhead removing tool may be small but it has a powerful vacuum that deep cleanses the pores and lifts blackheads and whiteheads gently for smooth, glowing skin. The beauty vacuum has 3 modes to choose from: soft suction, normal suction, and strong suction.

The soft suction is ideal for users with sensitive skin while normal suction works best for normal skin. The strong suction is perfect for skin that's ridden with more blackheads.
The set comes complete with interchangeable suction heads for customized cleansing.

This blackhead remover is rechargeable so there's absolutely no need to worry about losing power to deep cleanse your skin. To use, prep your skin with a hot towel for 3 to 5 minutes. The warmth will open up the pores. Choose the suction head that suits your skin, turn the blackhead remover on and start gliding the suction head over the affected area! Easy as pie!

Brand Name: ZNP
Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
Material: Plastic
Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Function: Facial Clean
Size: Comedo Blackhead Vacuum Suction
Type: Blackhead Remover
Place of Origin: China
Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
Suit for: Dropshipping
Blackhead vacuum: Diamond Microdermabrasion Skin Peeling

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