Eye Click Lashes

Cute Handmade Fake Eyelashes


Handmade Fake Eyelashes is easy as a breeze to apply and comfortable for prolonged wear. The False-eyelashes is very Easy to Apply and Do not Harm Your Eyes. Its amazing lightweight and comfortable as it comes with mink, you will not even feel they exist on your eyes. Each Pair of eye Lashes are Hand-made by Our Workers. The fake eyelashes will seamlessly blend with your own lashes, for the most natural look.


  • False Eyelashes Sort: Strip Lashes
  • False Eyelashes Material: Synthetic Hair
  • False Eyelashes Length: 1cm-1.5cm
  • False Eyelashes Band: Plastic Cotton Band
  • False Eyelashes Type: Full Strip Lashes
  • False Eyelashes Style: Crisscross, Natural Long, Wispy, Thick
  • Quantity: 5 Pairs
  • Size: 14mm-20mm


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