Eye Click Lashes



The Soft False Eyelashes is hand-made by professionals. Great work on strips and wispy lashes. This Real 3D design has perfect natural layered and curl, the effect for different makeup. It's a Fluffy and dramatic but natural look. It makes you so vivid, glamorous, shiny, and attractive. These Full Strip Eyelashes can be trimmed to perfectly fit the contour of your eyes With professional eyelash glue, so you can apply the lashes instantly.


  • False Eyelashes Material: Mink Hair
  • False Eyelashes Length: above 1.5cm
  • False Eyelashes Band: Black Cotton Band
  • False Eyelashes Type: Full Strip Lashes
  • False Eyelashes Style: Thick
  • Manufacturing Process: Hand Made
  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • Size: 1 pink box

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