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Magic Self-adhesive Eyeliner Pen Waterproof



What is eyelash magic eyeliner pen?

Best liquid eyeliner adhesive for strips eyelash extension, false eyelashes, mink lashes.
This eyeliner pen both with eyeliner and lashes adhesive, It has strong hold for lash extension.


2 step finished lashes wear and eyeliner makeup work.

Strong hold:

 hold eyelash glue suitable even for sensitive eyes, wear eyelash all day.

Waterproof It likes normal liquid eye liner pencil, no smudge and waterproof lash adhesive.

How to use:

Put the glue eyeliner as normal eyeliner makeup till it dry, Then put eyelash. That's it.

How to Remove:

Removing the eyelash adhesive eyeliner with eye makeup remover is ok!

Formulation: Liquid
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes
Benefit: Long-lasting
Benefit: Easy to Wear
Benefit: Fast/Quick Dry

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