Eye Click Lashes

Reusable Natural Eyelashes


Reusable Natural Eyelashes are very cute, professionally handmade, the eyes, making the curvature and curling of eyelashes natural. This adhesive eyelashes pack adds a seductive touch to your lashes to enhance your natural beauty. These flawlessly blend in with your natural eyelashes to increase the length and volume for a truly gorgeous look so you can be unstoppable. It is very amazing lightweight and comfortable.


  • False Eyelashes Sort: Strip Lashes
  • False Eyelashes Material: Synthetic Hair
  • False Eyelashes Length: 1cm-1.5cm
  • False Eyelashes Band: Plastic Cotton Band
  • False Eyelashes Type: Full Strip Lashes
  • False Eyelashes Style: Crisscross, Natural Long, Wispy, Thick
  • Quantity: 5 Pairs
  • Size: 14mm-20mm

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